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earth and filled the quarters with the tributes paid to him
by vassals ; and made all the great danas of old.
10-12.    Of him was born  Yuva  Bukka who first conquered
the east and then the other quarters ;  and had hirnseli
weighed (with gold).

12.    His queen was Tippamba.

13.    To them was born King Bhupati.
14-15.    He had two wives, Padma and Malla.

15-16.    He begot on them four sons, Haryapa, Samudra, Bukka

(III) and Raghuttama.
16-19.    Bhupatiraya was a warrior and a scholar who vanquish-

ed external and internal foes and every day conducted a

Tidapurusadana etc.

20-21. Once, as he was righteously ruling his subjects, he was
requested by Brahmans that the subject of srauta must
be explained ; whereupoii he ordered Caundapacarya to
expound the Adkvara-tantra.

22-25. Praise of Caundapacarya of the Vasistha-gotra ; wife
Kanianiba of Bharadvaja-gotra ; two younger brothers
5.dityadeva and Mancapa.

20. Cau^dapa was the minister of Bhupatiraya, and pupil of a

27-28.    Nature of Caundapa's work described.

jratn&w&i* :   5. .?/. L. Dcscri$iivt Catalogue of Skt. Mss. No. 2049.

After the disturbances at the "sacred hillock of
Paiiriyalvaa '' in the Ak§aya year i.e. Saka 1249 (expired),
which came to an end on the 17th day of Vaikasi in the year
Parltipi i§aka 1298), the Muhammadans disappeared com-
pletely, aud once more Visi^u was installed with his consorts at
Tirnpati; then in the north, the city of Vijayanagara-Anegondi*
*Tbt reĞdi&c ia Out twct is ;